Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dec. 31, 2011

As I’m writing this, the last hours of 2011 are finally winding down. Although I believe personal milestones are much more meaningful than artificial timelines (although we’ve made another circle around the sun! That’s pretty cool), dates help keep us in check with numbers.

Before 2012 begins, I’d like to record down my resolutions. Since this is a style blog, why not fashion resolutions? That has an interesting ring to it.
  1. After purchasing a non-final sale item, keep the tags on for at least two days. This is simple and painless. This way the item is already in your hands – no one else can touch it, but you’re still free to return it anytime. I can’t tell you how many times I wished I kept the tags on, only to have my impatience cost me in the long run.
  2. Stop going to H&M. Even if it’s everyone else’s savior, if you can’t see yourself wearing it/loving it, it’s not for you. Simple as that. In my case, clothes from H&M just never feel luxurious enough for me, and unflattering on my figure. It’s not my fault bloggers always brag about what they find there, and I can’t help but check it out myself too!
  3. Ditto for Zara and Forever 21.
  4. If the damned dress doesn’t fit today, it probably won’t fit two months from now. The fact that it was $495 won’t motivate me to get in shape.
  5. Realize that every fashion “rule” is meant to be broken.

Thank you for reading my blog, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Xoxo Cat

Friday, December 30, 2011

Miu Miu Reveal

I personally love reading through reveal posts and watching haul videos on Youtube. It’s fascinating to get a personal peek at what other people received for Christmas, and and what their tastes in fashion and food are. But of course, some people consider reveals to be show-offish, and I understand! 

Nonetheless, for those of you that love reveal posts as much as I do, I want to show you readers these BEEE-U-TIFUL Miu Miu shoes my wonderful boyfriend surprised me with for Christmas. You will have to excuse the craptacular pictures, as we sort of rushed them. 
One of my greatest guilty pleasures is unraveling designer shoes from their packaging. I’m delighted by gorgeous Miu Miu shoe boxes and the intricate ways the manufacturers packaged my shoes. So luxurious and so environmentally unfriendly! Sigh
The suede is a deep, beautiful, violet shade. I hope it stays that way!
One of my favorite things about these Miu Miu’s is the clean lines and a hint of femininity– the bow! For shoes, handbags, and apparel, I tend to look for lush fabrics, sharp and interesting cuts (if that makes sense), but above all, practicality. These shoes are certainly the first two, but I sure won’t be traipsing around in the rain with these ones.
I remember lusting over these at Holt Renfrew several months ago, but was very worried about the sizing and the suede. I rarely find Miu Miu’s under a size 35, and I’m typically a 34. When they came, the shoes were surprisingly light (I’m so used to patent leather!) that it was much easier for the shoe to stay on my foot, after some padding. An OOTF will follow soon!


 Xoxo Cat 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dec. 24th

I bet if you asked a person off the street what Christmas was all about, he wouldn’t tell you that it’s a time when retailers finally start to turn a profit, and when everyone is allowed to indulge in materialistic frenzy. Unless you asked me, then that’s what I’d tell you what the holidays are turning into.

I chuckle like an evil person when I watch people try to find parking at the mall on a Saturday afternoon, or when the frenzy of preparing holiday parties finally drives them into panic mode. This year I’ve had to (politely!) ask people not to give me gifts, as it’s not worth it for me to have to scrounge around for presents for them and in turn receive things that will probably contribute to more global waste.

So when I listen to stories of my friends struggling to maintain their sanity over the holidays, I in turn brag about how I’ve literally done nothing but sing carols and watch Bad Santa for the past week or so. Which, in my opinion, is truly what the holidays are all about.

Some dessert pics to entice you:
Apple pie at West Restaurant. Was only there for dessert and my favourite fresh-squeezed orange juice with jasmine. Yum! I much prefer their dinners, but they're so expensive!
Peanut ice cream with bananas
My OOTD yesterday. Are trench coats naturally wrinkly or is it just mine?!
Where do you guys purchase your trench coats? 
xoxo, Cat

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dec. 13th

I’m going to get a lot of hate for saying this, but I don’t believe buying expensive and quality items will necessarily save you money in the long run. There’s another caveat: you have to be very patient, have a very good sense of your own style, and decent knowledge of the available merchandise. Those traits are rare among fashionistas, and I certainly don’t think I’m there yet. One blogger who completely embodies those traits is Dead Fleurette.

She is true to her style and purchases strategically. I don’t think any other blogger has such a distinct, minimalist style. Although designer handbags certainly last longer than throw-away ones you get at Forever 21, you’ll have to throw away a lot of bags to make up for the price of one Birkin. And let’s be honest – who can truly stop at one? ;-)

I think the reasons I prefer some “better-quality items” over others is because it just feels so much better, and also because it makes you think for a long time before you buy.
I used to always rely on forums and blogs to make my mind up on which designers to go to for the best shoes, bags, etc. But now I tend to rely on my own instincts a lot more decide on the quality for myself. Add up the dry cleaning, alterations and maintenance and it’s often not the right choice for me.

On the other hand, I wear pretty much every coat I buy. They’re a bit expensive, so I tend to think about it a lot, but I always wear them because you need a coat if you want to live in Canada. No question about it.

I’m not going to lie. This pea coat is a bit small around the bust area, and I usually don’t button it up fully. It’s almost always the case. sigh
What's the first thing I did after my last exam? Get my brows waxed, of course! So shallow and satisfying, hahaha.
On a last note: I’m still trying to figure out my “niche” in the blogosphere, so until then, I might be posting a lot of “outfit of the day” posts. Hopefully, in the near future, this blog isn’t exclusively about ME ME ME ME ME